Bibliothèque Taché Library


The need for a public library for the Rural Municipality of Taché has been documented for over a decade. When the Collège Lorette Collegiate was planned, there was evident support for a school library that could also include services to the community. The regional dual-track high school was therefore built with a large 4,000 square foot area designed for library use. The room also comes with a cathedral ceiling and large windows facing the sunset.

 Members of the community made three attempts to convince the authorities to approve and finance such a project. In 2003, a Steering Committee chaired by Yvonne Brémault followed the process outlined in the Manitoba Municipal Libraries Act, garnishing more than enough support. The Committee also received technical support from Manitoba’s Public Library Services. On March 16, 2004, the Taché Municipal Council unanimously adopted the library project being put forward and included the necessary funding in the 2004 budget.

 The first Library Board for the Bibliothèque publique de Taché Public Library was nominated in August 2004. A Librarian, Jo-Dee Huberdeau, was hired in December. Before the library could open, infrastructure changes were made, including security curtains, shelves and a large computer station. Following the signing of a formal partnership agreement with Seine River School Division, the library opened its doors on the first of March 2005.

 The Library Board

 In 2004-2005, the board members were:

  • Jean-Pierre Dubé, chairman
  • Yvonne Romaniuk, vice-president and treasurer
  • Susan Berry, secretary
  • Deidre Plett, Landmark representative
  • Claude Lapointe, Municipal Councillor and liaison with the R.M. of Taché.

 The Collège Lorette Collegiate Principal, Robert Bouchard, was an ad hoc member and liaison with the School Division.